VANHAL / Concertos pour clarinette

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    • Jean-Baptiste Vanhal (1739-1813)

    Johann Baptist Vanhal [1739 - 1813] was a very productive composer and yet we merely know one oboe, one Clarinet and two bassoon concerts. This compact disc combines those three “unica” alongw ith one of his three bassoon concerts. Born in Bohemia he found his field of activity in Vienna, where he became a highly appreciated composer violinist and teacher In his youth he not only learned playing violin but also several wind instruments, which probably explains his predilection for so many solo parts for woodwindinstruments in his concerts. His symphonies are full of passages composed for woodwindplayers (e.g. oboe) accompanied by the orchestra. He produced this also in the slow parts of his clarinet in B flat, where the strings accompany the solo clarinet. Although sometimes described as a not very original composer he shows a special liking for experimenting with unusual tone colours and exceptional combinations.

    Luc Loubry bassoon
    François Baptiste bassoon
    Michel Lethiec clarinet
    Piet Van Bockstal oboe

    The Prussian Chamber Orchestra
    Hans Rotman conductor