Royal Welcome Songs for King Charles II, vol.3 / The Sixteen

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    1. Rejoice in the Lord alway Z.49
    2. Chaconne ‘Two in one upon a ground’ Z.627
    3. Close thine eyes and sleep secure Z.184
    4. Blow, Boreas, blow Z.589
    5. O all ye people, clap your hands Z.138
    6. Catch: Come, my hearts, play your parts Z.246
    7-12. WELCOME SONG: What shall be done in behalf of the man? Z.341
    13. Overture in D minor Z.771
    14. Thy genius, lo! Z.604
    15. O praise the Lord, all ye heathen Z.43
    16. Retir’d from any mortal’s sight Z.581
    17-24. WELCOME SONG: From those serene and rapturous joys Z.326


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