Royal Welcome Songs for King Charles II, vol.1 / The Sixteen

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    1. Catch: Since the Duke is return’d Z271 

    WELCOME SONG: Welcome, Vicegerent of the mighty King Z340
    2. Welcome, Vicegerent of the mighty King
    3. Ah! mighty Sir
    4. When the Summer in his glory 
    5. Music the food of love

    6. Let mine eyes run down with tears Z24 

    7. Sleep, Adam, sleep and take thy rest Z195 

    8. Beati omnes qui timent Dominum Z131 

    O sing unto the Lord Z44
    9. Symphony / O sing unto the Lord a new song
    10.Sing unto the Lord, and praise his name 
    11. The Lord is great
    12. O worship the Lord

    13. Tell it out among the heathen

    14. Great God, and just Z186 

    WELCOME SONG: Fly, bold rebellion Z324 
    15. Symphony
    16. Fly, bold rebellion
    17. Rivers from their channels turn’d  
    18. If then we’ve found
    19. Come then, change your notes
    20. Be welcome then, great Sir
    21. Welcome to all those wishes fulfill’dCD


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