Ketty Lester New ‘Love Letters’

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    Référence : 868879

    1 Don’t Think Twice 2 Living As We Live 3 I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself 4 Show Me 5 You’re Getting Older 6 Peace, Brother, Peace 7 Son Of A Preacher Man 8 Since I Fell For You 9 Prisoner Of Love 10 How Sweet It Is 11 Love Letters 12 Now More Than Ever

    Bonus 13 I Will Lead You 14 The Measure Of A Man 15 Cracker Box Livin’ 16 She’d Never Heard Of Anyone Called Jesus

    Enregistré en 1968, sauf le dernier bonus en 1980 

    Personnel on tracks #1-12 Ketty Lester, vocals, with: Gloria Jones, Shirley Matthews and Carolyn Willis (backing vocals); Lincoln Mayorga, Artie Butler (p); Artie Butler, Clare Fischer (org); David Cohen, Michael Deasy (lead g); John Gary (rhythm g); Carol Kaye (b); Earl Palmer (ds); Victor Feldman, Gary Coleman (percussion) Recorded at Gold Star Studio, Hollywood, 1968

    Bonus tracks Ketty Lester, vocals, with Orchestra Arranged and Conducted by Ernie Freeman Recorded at Gold Star Studio, Hollywood, 1968 Extra track Ketty Lester, vocals, with: Wilson “Tex” Richardson, Jr. (p); Jim Shaw, Mike Dana (synthesizer); Tim Fahey (b); Kevin Cloud (d); Jim Christie (percussion) Recorded in Los Angeles, 1984