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CD 1:
Jean Sibelius
Kung Kristian II (King Christian II), Op.27

  1.No.1. Elegy. Lento assai (Overture)5'50
  2.No.2. Musette. Allegretto (Act II, Scene 2)2'06
  3.No.3. Menuetto. Non troppo lento (Act III, Scene 1)1'51
  4.No.4. Fool’s Song of the Spider (Act V, Scene 3)4'11
  5.No.5. Nocturne. Moderato (After Act I)6'20
  6.No.6. Serenade. Moderato assai – Moderato (Act III, Scene 1)4'22
  7.No.7. Ballade. Allegro molto – Vivace (Act IV)5'32

Kuolema (Death), JS113

  8.Scene I. Tempo di valse lente – Poco risoluto4'23
  9.Scene II. Moderato (Paavali’s Song: ‘Pakkanen puhurin poika’)3'04
  10.Scene III. Moderato assai – Moderato (Elsa’s Song: ‘Eilaa, eilaa’) – Poco adagio7'07
  11.Scene IV. Andante (The Cranes)0'51
  12.Scene V. Moderato2'25
  13.Scene VI. Andante ma non tanto1'55

Svanevit (Swanwhite)

  14.Preliminary sketch for No.9 (c.1908)0'50

Svanevit (Swanwhite). Original theatre music (1908)

  15.No.1. A horn signal in the distance. Largo0'11
  16.No.2. Comodo2'31
  17.No.3. A swan flies past. Adagio0'16
  18.No.4. Now the harp begins to play. Lento assai3'12
  19.No.5. A white swan flies past. Adagio0'15
  20.No.6. Swanwhite’s mother. Lento – Commodo – Lento – Allegro4'21
  21.No.7. The harp falls briefly silent and strikes up a new melody. Andantino1'31
  22.No.8. Elsewhere! Andante3'15
  23.No.9. Stepmother: Where is the bride? Lento2'32
  24.No.10. The golden clouds become rose red. Moderato2'17
  25.No.11. Swanwhite. Allegretto0'57
  26.No.12. Fire at the castle. Largamente1'27
  27.No.13. Now the harp plays. Adagio1'41
  28.No.14. All bend their knees as if in thanks and praise. Largamente molto1'23

CD 2:
Pelléas och Mélisande (Pelléas and Mélisande), JS147

  1.No.1. Grave e largamente (Act I, Prelude, Scene 1)2'53
  2.No.2. Andantino con moto (Act I, Scene 2)4'10
  3.No.3. Adagio (Act I, Scene 4)2'02
  4.No.4. Commodo (Act II, Prelude, Scene 1)1'53
  5.No.5. Con moto (ma non tanto) (Act III, Prelude, Scene 1)1'59
  6.No.6. Tranquillo (Mélisande’s Song, Act III, Scene 2) De trenne blinda systrar2'17
  7.No.7. Andantino pastorale (Act III, Scene 4)1'52
  8.No.8. Allegretto (Act IV, Prelude, Scene 1)2'47
  9.No.9. [no tempo marking] (Act IV, Scene 2)3'00
  10.No.10. Andante (Act V, Prelude, Scene 2)5'38

Jokamies (Jedermann), Op.83

  11.No.1. Largo0'15
  12.No.2. Largo1'04
  13.No.3. Allegro1'25
  14.No.3a. Allegro commodo0'08
  15.No.4. Dance Song (‘Me kutsun saimme…’) Tempo commodo3'15
  16.No.5. ‘On riemussa hetket mennehet taas’. Tempo andante0'14
  17.No.6. ‘Kun vettä sataa, niin kastutaan’. Un poco con moto0'08
  18.No.7. ‘Maat ja metsät viheriöivät…’ Tempo moderato0'58
  19.No.8. ‘Oi, Lempi, armas Lempi!…’ Allegretto0'41
  20.No.9. ‘Maat ja metsät viheriöivät…’ Tempo moderato1'10
  21.No.10. Allegro molto2'31
  22.No.11. Largo, sempre misterioso9'44
  23.No.12. Adagio di molto2'58
  24.No.13. Adagio di molto (continued)4'27
  25.No.14. Largo e molto – Doloroso – Con grande dolore5'24
  26.No.15. [Lento]3'37
  27.No.16. ‘Gloria in excelsis Deo’. Sempre dolce sin al Fine2'12

CD 3:
Kuolema (Death), Op.44. Revised versions.

  1.No.1. Valse triste (1904)4'22
  2.No.2. Kurkikohtaus (Scene with Cranes). Andante sostenuto (1906)4'55

The Tempest, Op.109

  3.No.1. [Overture – The Ship Sinks beneath the Waves]. Largamente molto6'36
  4.No.2. Miranda is Lulled into Slumber. (Act I)1'43
  5.No.3. Ariel Flies In. (Act I)0'20
  6.No.4. Chorus of the Winds. (Act I)2'21
  7.No.5. [Ariel Hastens Away]. (Act I)0'16
  8.No.6. Ariel’s First Song, with Introduction and Choir. (Act I) ‘Hietikolle käymme näin’1'57
  9.No.7. Ariel’s Second Song. (Act I) ‘Sun isääs’ peittävät synkeät veet’2'18
  10.No.8. Interlude [Prospero]. (Act II)4'10
  11.No.9. The Oak Tree (Ariel) Plays the Flute. (Act II)2'43
  12.No.10. Ariel’s Third Song. (Act II) ‘Täällä senkun kuorsataan’0'54
  13.No.11. Interlude: Caliban. (Act II)1'20
  14.No.12. Stephano’s Song. (Act II) ‘En enää lähde merelle’1'11
  15.No.13. Caliban’s Song. (Act II) ‘Hei, Prosperon perkele’1'26
  16.No.14. Interlude: Miranda. (Act III)1'43
  17.No.15. [Humoresque]. (Act III)1'58
  18.No.16. Canon [Caliban, Trinculo, Stephano]. (Act III) Kurkitaan, urkitaan2'09
  19.No.17. Antonio. Dance of the Shapes. (Act III)5'05
  20.No.18. Ariel as Harpy (– Melodrama). (Act III)1'56
  21.No.19. The Shapes Dance Out (Ballet II). (Act III)1'53
  22.No.20. Intermezzo [Alonso mourns]. (Act IV)1'58
  23.No.21. [Ariel Flies In]. (Act IV)0'21
  24.No.22. Ariel’s Fourth Song. (Act IV) ‘Ennen kuin ehdit huokaamaan’0'45
  25.No.23. The Rainbow. (Act IV)2'16
  26.No.24. Iris’s Melodrama. (Act IV)1'00
  27.No.25. [Juno’s Song]. (Act IV) ‘Kunnia ja vaurautta’1'32
  28.No.26. Dance of the Naiads. (Act IV)2'27
  29.No.27. Dance of the Harvesters. (Act IV)1'47
  30.No.28. [Ariel Flies In]. (Act IV)0'19
  31.No.29. [Ariel Hastens Away] (Act IV)0'16
  32.No.30. [Ariel Flies In]. (Act IV)0'19
  33.No.31. The Dogs. (Act IV)0'59
  34.No.31bis. Prelude. (Act V)1'02
  35.No.32. [Ariel Brings the Foes to Prospero] (Act V)3'06
  36.No.33. Ariel’s Fifth Song. (Act V) ‘Mä mettä janooni juoda saan’1'00
  37.No.34. Cortège.2'15
  38.No.34bis. Ossia [Epilogue]. (Act V)1'20

The Tempest

  39.Canon. (Preliminary version of movement No.5 of The Tempest Suite No.1, Op.109 No.2)2'02

CD 4:
Belsazars gästabud (Belshazzar’s Feast), JS48

  1.No.1. Alla marcia. (Act I)2'03
  2.No.2a. Prélude: Nocturno. (Act II)3'23

Belsazars gästabud (Belshazzar’s Feast), JS48

  3.No.2b. The Jewish Girl’s Song. (Act II) ‘Vid älvarna i Babylon’3'11

Belsazars gästabud (Belshazzar’s Feast), JS48

  4.No.3. Allegretto (Act III)0'57
  5.No.4. Dance of Life. (Act III)1'13
  6.No.5. Dance of Death. (Act III)1'14
  7.No.6. Dance of Life: extract. (Act III)0'30
  8.No.7. Tempo sostenuto (Act IV)3'08
  9.No.8. Allegro (Act IV)2'21
  10.No.9. Dance of Life (shortened). (Act IV)0'48
  11.No.10. Dance of Death (Act IV)1'14

Kung Kristian II (King Christian II), Op.27. Concert Suite

  12.No.1. Nocturne.7'40
  13.No.2. Elegy.5'23
  14.No.3. Musette.2'12
  15.No.4. Serenade.4'43
  16.No.5. Ballade.5'14

Svanevit (Swanwhite), Op.54. Concert Suite

  17.No.1. The Peacock.2'53
  18.No.2. The Harp.3'22
  19.No.3. The Maidens with Roses.2'33
  20.No.4. Listen, the Robin Sings.4'55
  21.No.5. The Prince Alone.3'56
  22.No.6. Swanwhite and the Prince.3'33
  23.No.7. Song of Praise.3'18

Twelfth Night, Op.60

  24.No.1. ‘Kom nu hit, död’ (‘Come Away, Death’)2'48

Die Sprache der Vögel (The Language of the Birds), JS62

  25.Wedding March (Act III)3'27

CD 5:
Belsazars gästabud (Belshazzar’s Feast), Op.51. Concert Suite

  1.No.1. Oriental Procession.2'18
  2.No.2. Solitude.2'52
  3.No.3. Nocturne.5'05
  4.No.4. Khadra’s Dance.3'42

Scaramouche, Op.71

  5.Scene 1 (Act I)0'49
  6.Scene 2 (Act I)0'26
  7.Scene 3 (Act I)5'03
  8.Scene 4 (Act I)2'41
  9.Scene 5 (Act I)7'25
  10.Scene 6 (Act I)2'44
  11.Scene 7 (Act I)0'39
  12.Scene 8 (Act I)2'30
  13.Scene 9 (Act I)0'35
  14.Scene 10 (Act I)5'57
  15.Scene 1 (Act II)0'20
  16.Scene 2 (Act II)0'18
  17.Scene 3 (Act II)1'27
  18.Scene 1 (Act II)0'24
  19.Scene 5 (Act II)2'58
  20.Scene 6 (Act II)2'16
  21.Scene 7 (Act II)7'02
  22.Scene 8 (Act II)3'15
  23.Scene 9 (Act II)3'37
  24.Scene 10 (Act II)13'00
  25.Scene 11 (Act II)0'36

CD 6: