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Rosario Giuliani Love in translation


Nouveau produit

Love in translation

Rosario Giuliani   |sax alto

Joe Locke   | vibraphone

Dario Deidda       | bass

Roberto Gatto     | drums

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1) Duke Ellington's Sound of Love – Charles Mingus
2) I Wish You Love/ Que reste-t-il de nos amours?- Charles Trenet / Léo Chauliac
3) Love Letters - Victor Young / Edward Heyman
4) Love is a Planchette - Joe Locke
5) I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You - Weiss/Peretti/Creatore

6) The Hidden Force of Love – Rosario Giuliani
7) Raise Heaven (To Roy Hargrove) - Joe Locke
8) Love in Translation – Rosario Giuliani
9) Everything I Love - Cole Porter

10) Tamburo (To Marco Tamburini) – Rosario Giuliani



“Love in Translation” marks the return (under the Jando Music/Via Veneto Jazz label) of an exciting collaboration between two protagonists of the international jazz scene which started twenty years ago at Umbria Jazz: Italian sax player Rosario Giuliani and US vibraphonist Joe Locke. Coming from different countries and with fairly distinct temperaments, these two artists have cultivated a vibrant and colorful musical style and are definitely bringing something new. They are accompanied by two other renowned artists, bassist Dario Deidda and drummer Roberto Gatto. With this intense and sophisticated album, Rosario and Joe celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their alchemical partnership and friendship. As the album’s title itself suggests, “Love in Translation” is centered around the theme of love - the most powerful and enigmatic emotion. Among the famous standards contained are “Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love” by Charles Mingus, “Love Letters” by Victor Young and Edward Heyman, and “Can’t Help Falling in Love” of Elvis Presley’s repertoire. It includes creative and warm original songs as well as tributes to two remarkable musicians: “Raise Heaven” which Joe Locke dedicates to Roy Hargrove and “Tamburo” by Rosario Giuliani to Marco Tamburini. An entrancing, lavish album embodying overwhelming emotions yet with freshness, and which is sure to be a 2020 highlight