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The Brecker Brothers Live and unreleased


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Enregistré le 2 juillet 1980 à Onkel Pös Carnegie Hall, Hambuurg, Allemagne

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1. Strap Hangin´_11.35

Michael Brecker

2. Tee´d Off_5.48

Michael Brecker 3. Sponge_9.40

Randy Brecker

4. Funky Sea, Funky Dew_18.41

Michael Brecker

5. I Don´t Know Either_11.49

Michael Brecker



6. Inside Out_12.41

Randy Brecker

7. Baffled_10.28

Randy Brecker

8. Some Skunk Funk_8.49

Randy Brecker

9. East River_6.34

Neil Jason, Kash Monet, Mark Major

10. Don´t Get Funny With My Money_09.05

Randy Brecker


Randy Brecker_trumpet & vocals

Michael Brecker_tenor sax

Mark Gray_keyboards

Barry Finnerty_guitar

Neil Jason_bass & vocals

Richie Morales_drums


Enregistré le 2 juillet 1980 à Onkel Pös Carnegie Hall, Hambuurg, Allemagne


This, the 'Great Tour of 1980' featured this iteration of the second 'Great Brecker Brothers Band'. In July of 1980 we hit the road for 5 weeks in Europe resulting in this fine recording „LIVE AND UNRELEASED“, recorded at Hamburg´s Onkel Pö club. This, a 'band of brothers' in every sense of the word, included Guitarist Barry Finnerty, who had played on "Heavy Metal Bebop" and who was also taking a break from the Crusaders and "Street-life" to do this tour. The Keyboard chair was held by the late great Mark Gray who was totally obsessed with the latest technology, and was a first call guy in NYC. He went on to start a successful NY Jingle Company which thrived until his untimely death from cancer. Likewise our bassist Neil Jason who had co-written and sung on one of our hits "East River!" was also a first call guy, who had already formed a successful Jingle Company and is currently touring with Bryan Ferry and the Brecker Brothers Band Reunion when he has a free moment. On drums is the great Richie Morales who I first met during my tenure producing a band called "Sky King"  for Columbia Records. He spent several years with us, then went onto Spyra Gyra, Mike Stern, and many more, with a home base teaching at SUNY Purchase NY.