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ALBERTO PARMEGIANI QUINTET Under a Shimmery Grace Agrandir l'image



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Feet don’t fail me now • Ana Maria • The endo fo a love affair • In our land • A true decision • The crossing • L’ossevatore involontario


lberto Parmegiani, guitare

Gaetano Partipilo, sax

Enrico Zanisi, piano

Francesco Ponticelli, contrebasse

Enrico Morello, batterie


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Led by master electric jazz guitarist Parmegiani, and supported by a superb lineup in alto saxman Gaetano Partipilo, pianist Enrico Zanisi, bassist Francesco Ponticelli, and drummer Enrico Morello, “Shimmery Grace” offers a gem of a recording that smolders and delights on seven original tracks and one Wayne Shorter cover, in both classic and contemporary jazz styles.

Parmegiani’s guitar moods recall the sweet sounds of Wes Montgomery and Billy Bauer, and when paired with soaring and inventive alto sax solos from Partipilo, intelligent, gorgeous, gentle, and appropriately-timed piano comping from Zanisi, and unwavering rhythmic tightness from Ponticelli and Morello, the effect is a flawless time machine, headed straight back fifty years to some delicious listening on the ‘hi-fi’. However, as the album was recorded in early 2015, it’s the modern-day successor, beautifully poised to match and compliment the Blue Note, Prestige, and Verve recordings that have since become legendary