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Damian will release his new EP 'Thank You' on 11 October, his 50th birthday. The EP features 5 songs arranged for piano, violin & cello and will be released as 10" Vinyl + CD package and on all major download and streaming platforms.


The EP, produced by Andrew Holdsworth, is Damian’s return to a more classical approach, recording with just piano and string orchestra, like Damian and Andrew did with Just The Way It Goes over 20 years ago.


The EP opens with the words 'Thank you for giving this man a home'. These words are now bittersweet; shortly after the song was recorded, Damian's home, the boat this song is about, sunk on the way to Cropredy festival where he would perform with Adam Wakeman (the show went great nevertheless).


Besides opener Thank You the EP features the songs:

Let Me Down Slowly, a song Damian wrote while struggling through a break-up.

God Be My Judge, an observation of our societies' institutions, previously recorded with Adam Wakeman, now rearranged for piano and strings.

Until I'm With You, about a friend's loss and longing.

Can You Hear Me, a song from Damian's long lost friend Nick Woodbridge. Available now on all streaming and download platforms.


"The recording process had perhaps more in common with a classical session than a traditional pop one. The timing and dynamics of these tracks are very expressive; there were no click tracks and no editing. I believe this EP contains some of the most magical music Damian and I have ever made together."

- Andrew Holdsworth, August 2019 -