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Daryl Runswick / The Late Jazz


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Daryl Runswick, piano, basse et guitare

Caroline Boaden, batterie

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Two of the tracks feature Daryls specially-adapted guitars, the fretless alto and the piccolo bass, and four have vocals, but the basic unit is piano, sometimes solo, sometimes with bass, sometimes bass and drums. The album is called the album Late Jazz not only in honour of ‘that jazz time of night’ but also because, unlike all Daryls other ASC releases, these are not historic recordings from the 1970s but new ones, often based around his One Man Show, in which most of them featured. So they’re late-period Runswick. The compositions too are recent (except of course the standards), all but one written since the Millennium. (Sulkin is from the 1990s.)

”Daryl Runswick came to the piano late in his jazz career. By his thirties, long established as a bass player, he thought he was set fair: but Cleo Laine and John Dankworth had other ideas and he ended up playing piano for them, worldwide, for eighteen months between 1981 and ‘83 (London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Montreal, the Hollywood Bowl...) Since then he’s probably over the years played rather more piano than bass. Here’s a newly recorded album where he does both.” -Steve Plews


Bio express : Runswick a débuté la basse au sein de formations de jazz au milieu des années 60, jouant avec Dick Morrissey et John Dankworth, avec lesquels il tournera et composera pendant 12 ns. En 1969, il rejoint le Lionel Grigson-Pete Burden Quintet et en 1972 enregistre pour le Ian Hamer Septet, un groupe qui tournera notamment avec Tubby Hayes. Avant de monter sa propre formation il sera un membre influent du London Jazz Four. En tant que musicien de studio il enregistrera le 1er album du Alan Parsons Project et travailla avec Elton John.