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PHILIP GLASS (1937-) Musique de films vol.2 /Michael Riesman, piano Agrandir l'image

PHILIP GLASS (1937-) Musique de films vol.2 /Michael Riesman, piano


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Suites pour piano tirées de :


The Thin Blue Line

The Fog of War

Taking Life

Secret Window



Michael Riesman, piano

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Orange Mountain Music presents the new album PHILIP GLASS SOUNDTRACKS VOL.II by pianist Michael Riesman. Riesman was the producer, conductor, and pianist on most every Philip Glass soundtrack including Glass’s three Oscar-nominated scores to The Hours, Kundun, and Notes on a Scandal, as well as on Glass’ Golden Globe-winning score to The Truman Show.


On this new recital, Riesman presents a complement to his 2008 album Glass Soundtracks (Vol.I) in a chronological survey of Glass’ work from arthouse films like Koyaanisqatsi, documentary features The Thin Blue Line and The Fog of War, to selections from never-heard-before major commercial films like Taking Lives (starring Angelina Jolie) and Secret Window (Johnny Depp) to a five movement suite from the cult horror film Candyman featuring violinist Chase Spruill.


All pieces were pieces chosen by Riesman who is the music director of the Philip Glass Ensemble, and arranged for piano (or violin and piano) by Riesman for this new disc. The result is a refreshing look at treasures from some of Philip Glass’s best work in the medium of film.