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Graupe/Ceccaldi/Lillinger / qÖÖlp Agrandir l'image

Graupe/Ceccaldi/Lillinger / qÖÖlp


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1. Riding the Tiger (5:04)

2. Il se trouve que les oreilles n’ont pas de paupiéres (11:23)

  1. Toronto (4:11)
  2. Baba Jaga (4:01)

5. Get Together (1:55)

6. Those (1:35)

7 WröökJ (4:38)

8. 7 (4:18)

9. Mermaids and Sperm Whales (11:23)

10. Listen (2:16)

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Théo Ceccaldi – violin

Valentin Ceccaldi - cello

Ronny Graupe - guitar

Christian Lillinger - drums

You won’t find a ready-labelled pigeon-hole for this astounding music. Rock patterns, the instant composing of jazz, minimalism, slivers of folk, contemporary chamber music: everything appears to evaporate immediately and add up to something new. This music needs no set pieces. Stop and go flow in a billowing current. But nothing is arbitrary here. An ideal formation has been found for this spontaneous playing. Three string instruments plus drums– quite exceptional, just like this music.


qÖÖlp builds on incisive action just as much as sensitive introspection. Their gossamer is spun incredibly thick: flittering, building up pressure, then once more mildly offensive. All four know that it’s possible to play too much. Rather, they define a new terrain, and stride across it with pressing urgency. Like Morse code it hurries through the meters, following a spontaneous dramaturgy, finely honed, and absorbing. It is fresh, rich in ideas and relevant, smouldering, abstract and yet outstandingly animated by a vigorous beauty beyond the well-trodden paths.