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Line & Squaredance for beginners Agrandir l'image

Line & Squaredance for beginners


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40 titres sur 2CDs pour vous amuser en dansant le Line Dance et le Square Dance, deux danses très populaires aux USA et en Europe désormais.


Débutants, n’hésitez pas !

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The Boys And Me

Girls With Guitars

Talk Dirty To Me

Don‘T Step Out Of Line

That‘S What I Get For Losin‘ You

Cowboy Reggae

Swamp Thing

Back On The Streets

Soft Touch

Cotton Eye Joe

The Deadwood Stage

Line King

Nobody Wins

I Wanna Watch You Dance All Night

When You Go Dancin‘ ... Better Watch Your Step  

He Ain‘T Mr. Right


Turnin‘ Up The Heat

Toe Tappin‘ Country Man

Rock The Boat

I Don‘T Live In Paradise

What‘S Your Name

Goodbye Hit Me Right In The Heart

Double Bogey Blues

You Should Have Thought About Her  


Performed By:

The American Line Dance Company / The Country Line Dancers