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Cyrus Chestnut, piano

Eric Wheeler, bass • Chris Beck, drums

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Darn That Dream

Gymnopedie No. 1

Entre cloches

Jimbo's Lullaby

Father Time

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Son binocle

Smoke on the Water

Gnossienne No. 1

Gymnopedie No. 3

Turkish Rondo

Prayer for Claudine

The jazz piano trio, a specialism with its own lineage and admirers, is currently alive and well thanks to the artists here on KALEIDOSCOPE. A keyboard master such as Cyrus Chestnut can imbue this tried-and-true format - whose practitioners range from Jelly Roll Morton to Robert Glasper - with a relevance for today's listeners and expand its parameters without losing sight of its historic past. For this recording Cyrus has arranged 8 compositions by the classical pianists W.A. Mozart, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel and Eric Satie, taking the classical themes through a series of rhythmic and harmonic turns and twists and subjecting them to a wildly innovative series of transformations.  Through it all Cyrus Chestnut emerges as a multi-faceted artist who, using the venerable jazz piano trio format, can refract the past through his own imagination and create something new which is always fresh and exciting.