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1. Hardcore Bling Intro

2. May Love feat. Torun Eriksen

3. Internal Conversation Is

Keeping You From Love

4. I Will Never Lose You Intro

5. I Will Never Lose You

6. Major

7. Leaving P feat. Christian

Brückner & Amber Lin

8. J Rock

9. The Day I Die

10. Japan Love feat. Franzi Aller

11. Hardcore Bling

12. 2016

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Jan Felix May is part of a generation of musicians who are not afraid to cross stylistic boundaries. The motto is to establish new connections instead of sticking to old divisions. In doing so, the 1993born May displays compositional and musical precision, an innovative creative drive as well as humour. His talent has already been recognised, e.g. at the Internationale Jazzwochen Burghausen, where he won first prize in the solo competition and came in second with his band in the group competition. Frank Zappa is none of May’s direct role models. However, certain similarities in their mind-set can be detected. For example, the cunning mix of classical and modern influences, which in Jan Felix May’s case range from jazz and continue via electronic music to Impressionism and progressive rock. “Red Messiah“, Jan Felix May‘s debut release sounds fresh and surprisingly different.