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 The Middle Years-Essential Cuts 1939/1949

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Ces bandes sont pour la plupart inédites en CD. Et sont issues des bandes masters originales qui ont été remasterisées.  
Inclus Livret détaillé de 28 pages.
CD A:  LIONEL HAMPTON & HIS ORCHESTRA: 1.When Lights Are Low  2.One Sweet Letter From You  3.Hot Mallets  4.Early Session Hop  COLEMAN HAWKINS & HIS ORCH: 5.Meet Doctor Foo  6.Fine Dinner  7.She’s Funny That Way  8.Body And Soul  THE VARSITY SEVEN: 9.It’s Tight Like That  10.Easy Rider  11.Scratch My Back  12.Save It Pretty Mama  LIONEL HAMPTON & HIS ORCH: 13.Dinah  14.Singin’ The Blues  COLEMAN HAWKINS‘ ALL-STAR OCTET: 15.When Day Is Done  16.The Sheik Of Araby  17.My Blue Heaven  18.Bouncing With Bean  THE VARSITY SEVEN: 19.How Long, How Long  20.Shake It And Break It  21.A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody  22.Pom Pom  COLEMAN HAWKINS & HIS CHOCOLATE DANDIES: 23.Smack  24.I Surrender Dear
CD B:  COLEMAN HAWKINS & HIS ORCH: 1.Passin’ It Round  2.Serenade To A Sleeping Beauty  3.Rocky Comfort  4.Forgive A Fool  METRONOME ALL STARS: 5.Bugle Call Rag  6.One O‘Clock Jump  COUNT BASIE & HIS ORCH: 7.9-20 Special  8.Feedin’ The Bean  LEONARD FEATHER ALL STARS: 9.Esquire Bounce  10.My Ideal  COLEMAN HAWKINS & HIS ORCH: 11.Vootde  12.How Deep Is The Ocean  13.Hawkins Barrel House  14.Stumpy  THE COLEMAN HAWKINS QUINTET: 15.Lover Come Back To Me  16.Blues Changes  THE COLEMAN HAWKINS SWING FOUR: 17.Crazy Rhythm  18.Get Happy  19.The Man I Love  ESQUIRE SESSION: 20.My Ideal  THE COLEMAN HAWKINS QUINTET: 21.I Only Have Eyes For You  22.S‘Wonderful  23.I’m In The Mood For Love
 CD C:  COLEMAN HAWKINS & HIS ORCH: 1.Woody’n You  2.Buh-De-Daht  3.Yesterdays  THE COLEMAN HAWKINS QUARTET: 4.Flame Thrower  5.Imagination  6.Night And Day  7.Cattin’ At Keynote  COLEMAN HAWKINS & HIS ORCH: 8.Rainbow Mist  COZY COLE ALL STARS: 9.Blue Moon  10.Father Co-operates  11.Just One More Chance  12.Thru For The Night  AULD-HAWKINS-WEBSTER SEXTET: 13.Pick Up Boys  14.Porgy  15.Uptown Lullaby  16.Salt Peanuts  COLEMAN HAWKINS & HIS SAX ENSEMBLE: 17.On The Sunny Side Of The Street 18.Three Little Words  19.Battle Of The Saxes  20.Louise
CD D:  COLEMAN HAWKINS’ ALL-AMERICAN FOUR: 1.Make Believe  2.Just One Of Those Things  COZY COLE - COLEMAN HAWKINS ALL STARS: 3.On The Sunny Side Of The Street  THE COLEMAN HAWKINS SEPTET: 4.All The Things You Are  COLEMAN HAWKINS’ ALL-AMERICAN FIVE: 5.Under A Blanket Of Blue  CHARLIE SHAVERS’ ALL-AMERICAN FIVE: 6.Undecided  THE COLEMAN HAWKINS QUARTET: 7.Recollection  8.Drifting On A Reed  9.Flying Hawk  10.On The Bean  COLEMAN HAWKINS: 11.Bean Stalking  12.Leave My Heart Alone  13.The Night Ramble  14.Ladies Lullaby  15.Sportsman’s Hop  16.Ready For Love  COLEMAN HAWKINS & HIS ORCH: 17.April In Paris  18.Rifftide  19.What Is There To Say  20.Wrap Up Your Troubles In Dreams  COLEMAN HAWKINS & HIS ORCH: 21.Cocktails For Two  COLEMAN HAWKINS’ ALL STARS: 22.Bean-A-Rebop  23.Phantomesque  COLEMAN HAWKINS: 24.Picasso  COLEMAN HAWKINS & HIS ORCH: 25.It’s Only A Paper Moon