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Dan Locklair / Musique pour orgue


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The Music of Dan Locklair

Marilyn Keiser, orgue Casavant Freres de St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Indianapolis, Indiana

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Rubrics (A Liturgical Suite for Organ) [1988]
1. "[The ancient praise-shout,] 'Hallelujah,' has been restored..."
2. "Silence may be kept"
3. "...and thanksgivings may follow."
4. "The Peace may be exchanged."
5. "The people respond - Amen!"
Salem Sonata for organ [2003]
 I. ("…to thee our cordial thankfulness…")
II. ("Hallowed be thy name…")
III. ("…We owe Thee thankfulness and praise…")
IV. ("…Let His work your pleasure be…") PHOENIX Processional (Solo Organ Version) [1996]
   (from PHOENIX Fanfare and Processional) [1979/85]

Celebration (Variations for Organ) [2003]

The Æolian Sonata for organ [2002]
I. Aus tiefer not (Out of the Depths I Cry to Thee) II. Shalom (Peace)
III. Laudate Dominum (O Praise the Lord) In Mystery and Wonder (The Casavant Diptych) [2004]
I. Aria (“God moves in a mysterious way…”)
II.Toccata(“…His wonders to perform…”)