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It’s the peace that deafens

1 Dark Matter (4:06)

2 The Girl That She Was (4:21)

3 Jankoriko (5:00)

4 Love Again (5:01)

5 Patience Endures (4:55)

6 Herbs (4:29)

7 The Peace That Deafens (4:43)

8 The Voodoo (5:26)

9 Invincible (4:17)

10 In Your Shoes (4:39)

11 Orunmila (4:38)

12 In The End (3:52)

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Ola Onabule, Vocals | Jukka Eskola, Trumpet | Villu Veski, Saxophone | Snake Davis: Flute Ross Stanley & Pete Adams: Keyboards, Piano, Hammond Organ | John Parricelli & Femi Temowo: Guitar | Phil Mulford: Bass | Jack Pollitt, Chris Nickolls & Ralph Salmins: Drums Will Fry: Percussion


 Following up on his recent UK chart success with the re-mix of Soul Town, Ola Onabule’s new album “It’s The Peace That Deafens” is his 8th studio album and marks a departure from his previous two releases featuring a largely acoustic set uniting Jazz, Soul and world influences. The Album contains 12 evocative songs about identity, reconciliation and nostalgia. Words, melodies and rhythms that walk a delicate tightrope of paradoxes, born of both a childhood and adulthood immersed in two disparate cultures, on two different continents and at two different times. Ola stated recently that “It’s The Peace That Deafens” is as much a work of exploration as it is a declaration