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MED FLORY & His Orchestras


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 Go West Young Med ! 1954-1959

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MED FLORY and His Orchestra 1 Straight Ahead 2 No Thanks 3 The Fuzz 4 Three Times Around 5 Wonderful You 6 Joanie’s Jump 7 Plain Jane Snavely 8 I Love You, That’s All
MED FLORY and His Jazz Wave Orchestra 9 Jazz Wave 10 An Occasional Man 11 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 12 Ocean Motion 13 On a Slow Boat to China 14 Sea Chase (Rosenshone) 15 Davy Jones 16 I Cover the Waterfront 17 Someone’s Rocking My Dreamboat 18 Rapture of the Deep
Artiste 19 Jonah and the Wail
MED FLORY and The Sax Maniacs 20 Shish-Ka-Bob 21 Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen
Tracks #1-8 MED FLORY and His Orchestra: (collective personnel) John Bello, Al Derisi, Jerry Kail, Doug Mettome, Joe Burnett, Ed Leddy, Jack Holman, Ray Triscari (tp); Billy Byers, Urbie Green, Milt Gold, Bob Burgess, Dave Wells (tb); Med Flory (as, ts, vcl);Hal McKusick (cl, as, ts); Al Cohn, Bill Perkins, Bill Masinghill, Arno Marsh (ts); Jack Agee, Leo Anthony (bar); John Williams, John Banister (p); Teddy Kotick, Tom “Red” Kelly (b); Art Mardigan, Mel Lewis (d) RECORDED in New York, February 1954; March 1956
Tracks #9-14 MED FLORY and His Jazz Wave Orchestra: Lee Katzman, Al Porcino, Jack Hohmann, Ray Triscari, Conte Candoli (tp); Lew McCreary, Dave Wells (btp, tb); Med Flory (as, ts); Charlie Kennedy (as); Bill Holman, Richie Kamuca (ts); Bill Hood (bar); Russ Freeman (p); Red Kelly, Buddy Clark (b); Mel Lewis (d) RECORDED in Hollywood, May, October 1957
Tracks #20 & 21 MED FLORY and The Sax Maniacs: Med Flory (as, oboe); Joe Maini (as, ts); Bob Hardaway, Bill Perkins, Bill Holman (ts); Bill Hood (bar); Russ Freeman (p); Jim Hall (g); Red Kelly, Red Mitchell (b); Mel Lewis (d) RECORDED in Hollywood, December 1959