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Of Ira Gershwin

The Song Is Paris

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1 Girl of the Moment 2 The Girl That Got Away 3 Let’s Take a Walk Around the Block 4 This Is New 5 There’s No Holding Me 6 Sure Thing 7 For the Life of Me 8 Long Ago and Far Away 9 The Moment of Moments 10 My Ship 11 Fun to Be Fooled 12 One Life to Live THE SONG IS PARIS 13 Duke’s Place 14 If Love Is Good to Me 15 Jenny 16 My Very Good Friend in the Looking Glass 17 ‘Tis Autumn 18 Nobody Loses All the Time 19 Everybody Needs Love 20 Cherry 21 Thad’s Blues 22 To-Night 23 Cinderella [Stay in My Arms]

SINGS THE LYRICS OF IRA GERSHWIN, Orchestra arranged and conducted by Irving Joseph. Collective personnel: Joe
Wilder, Charlie Shavers (tp); Phil Bodner (fl, as); Spencer Sinatra (fl); Eddie Costa (vb); Gene Orloff (violin); George Ricci,
Harvey Shapiro, Alan Shulman (cello); Irving Joseph (p); Barry Galbraith, Al Casamenti (g); Joe Benjamin, George Duvivier (b);
Charlie Persip, Roy Haynes (d); Bobby Rosengarden (percussion)
RECORDED in New York City, February 23, 1960
THE SONG IS PARIS, Orchestra arranged and conducted by Bobby Scott. Collective personnel: Clyde Reasinger, Irv
Markowitz, Al Di Risi, Lewis Gluckin (tp); Dick Berg, Don Corrado, Art Cery, Ray Alonge (Frh); Dom Gravine, Paul Faulise, Bill
Schallen, Phil Giacobbe (tb); Hal McKusick, Tom Alfano, John Murtaugh, Howard Rittner (sx); Romeo Penque (ts, fl); Bill
Hammond (fl); Phil Bodner (bcl, fl, as); George Dessinger (basson); Gene Orloff, Harry Lookofsky, Arnold Eidus, Paul
Gershman (violins); David Schwartz (viola); Charles McCracken (cello); Barry Galbraith (g); Hank Jones (p); Jack Lesberg,
George Duvivier (b); Gloria Agostini, Janet Putnam (harp); Ted Sommer, Maurice Marks, Sol Gubin, Roy Haynes (d); Willard
Dillon (percussion)
RECORDED in New York City, January 22 (#14 & 15), January 24 (#18), January 26 (#13, 16 & 17), May 8 (#19-23), 1962